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The Clarion Conservation District will no longer review storm water plans >5000 sq ft.

Contact Clarion Planning Office for this review. 

814-226-4000 ext 2800


Stormwater Best Management Practices

Why do I need a Stormwater Management Plan?

Clarion County adopted a STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE implementing the requirements of the Clarion County Act 167 Storm water Management Plan in 2013.  The addition of new impervious area (including gravel driveways and parking areas) greater than 1000 sq ft require a small project application.  Issuance of building permits by townships is dependent on an approved stormwater management plan. 

The Conservation District reviews all stormwater plans < 5000 sq ft for townships in Clarion County. 

No action is needed for construction < 1000 sq ft