2018 Clarion Conservation District created with WIX


Replacing forested and agricultural land with urban land (pavement, roofs, and the removal of natural vegetation) negatively affects water quality and increases the amount of runoff. When left unmanaged, the increased impervious area also increases peak flows, reduces groundwater recharge, and contributes to the erosion of stream banks.

Stormwater Best Management Practices

Why do I need a Stormwater Management Plan?

Clarion County adopted a STORMWATER MANAGEMENT ORDINANCE implementing the requirements of the Clarion County Stormwater Management Plan in 2013.  The addition of new impervious area (including gravel driveways and parking areas) greater than 1000 ft² require a small project application.  New impervious areas greater than 5000 ft² require rate and volume controls and a SWM site plan.  Issuance of building permits by townships is dependent on an approved stormwater management plan. 

The Conservation District reviews all stormwater plans for townships in Clarion County.