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Mill Creek Coalition

MCC Watershed Map.png

The Mill Creek Coalition (MCC) is a group of interested citizens, volunteering their time to the reclamation of the Mill Creek watershed that spans Jefferson and Clarion Counties. MCC was formed in 1990 and since its inception has completed approximately 40 projects for an investment of roughly $12 million.  

As with many watersheds in Pennsylvania, Mill Creek was actively strip-mined prior to the 1977 passage of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA), resulting in streams impaired by acid mine drainage. 

If you are interested in joining MCC where you can be part of making positive changes to the Millcreek Watershed for generations to come, please reach out to one of the following
members: Terry Morrow (814) 221-1942, Pete Dalby (814) 227-3392, William
Smathers (814) 221-1956, or Jim Reed (814) 229-4582.

Site under construction... come back soon!

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