2019 Workshop Series

Join us for the final workshop of the invasive species series: 
Aquatics! November 23, CFSP Park Office
Register by November 20th at 814-297-7813
The District hosted the Dirt and Gravel, Low Volume Roads annual updates meeting. It was well attended by Clarion County municipalities.


Clarion River Clean-Up

The District celebrated  DCNR's recognition of the Clarion River as 2019 River of the Year by organizing a clean-up day on September 7th on a 15-mile stretch from Clarington to the Gravel Lick boat launch.  Part of the event was funded by a $500 grant from DCNR.  Donations ranged from food and prizes to free canoes for the day and transportation.  Suzanne Reinsel, an environmental educator at Clear Creek State Park provided an after-float program on the ecological history of the Clarion River and management strategies of the Bureau of Parks.  

40 volunteers donated their time for the clean-up, including Back Country Hunters and Anglers, CUP students and people who visit the area regularly and value the natural beauty of the Clarion River.  

Thanks to all our sponsors and everyone who helped make the day a huge success!  

2018 District Awards Banquet

Lee Swoger, DCNR Bureau of Foresry presented the Woodland Conservation Award to Rimersburg Rod & Gun Club for timber stand and habitat improvement on the club property.

Pamela Moore, District Treasurer was recognized for 20 years of service on the Board of Directors.

Perry Township received recognition for conservation road maintenance and their participation in the Dirt & Gravel/Low Volume Road Program.  They were unable to attend the banquet.

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